Reduces bags under the eyes immediately. New formula with colour which diffusses dark circles.
Eliminates visible signs of ageing skin, creating a younger look in record time.
Acts effectively on bags under the eyes and fine expression lines.
Immediate, surprising results.
Clinically tested

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CAMALEON MAGIC SERUM & COLOR eliminates visible signs of ageing skin, creating a younger look in record time.
· NEW FORMULA with colour
· It acts on bags and circles under the eyes instantly.
· Rejuvenates your expression and revitalises the appearance of your skin.
· The results are immediate and surprising.

The product has mainly been developed from the properties of two cosmetic active ingredients that combine to make a highly effective product.

· Argireline®, a peptide developed through molecular engineering, has revolutionised the world of cosmetics today, as an excellent anti-wrinkle ingredient that relaxes the muscles and reduces expression lines and is highly effective in preventing new wrinkles from appearing.

· Active minerals, silicates known for their powerful cosmetic activity promoting a firming effect on the skin and reducing bags under the eyes and the natural ageing process.

It is important to know that the key to success of MAGIC SERUM & COLOR is due to two essential routines:

· Applying the correct amount: An excess of the product does not improve the results. The appearance of white residue means that you have exceeded the necessary dose.

· How the product is applied: Once the product has been applied it is important not to make any facial gestures until it has been absorbed. The results can be seen from the start, although the best results are after a few minutes.

Step 1
Open the tube and squeeza a drop of Magic Serum on your index finger


Step 2
Dab the Maic Serum on dry Skin around the bags under your eyes


Step 3
Wait 40/60 seconds without making any facial gestures


Step 4
You can speed up the process by fanning the zone

(1) A drop the size of a grain of rice is sufficient for each eye.

Clinical Studies prove its effectiveness:

Dermatologically tested
The "Acceptance, subjective effectiveness and tolerance test* results of a cosmetic product" prove MAGIC SERUM by CAMALEON LABORATORIES, is non-irritant and therefore is highly compatible with the skin and skin around the eye.
* Study conducted by Methodex S.L.

Visible results in just a few seconds
Science and results: MAGIC SERUM was created to offer an immediate, safe solution to provisionally eliminate ugly circles and bags under the eyes in record time.

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