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A colour explosion!
Choose your colour and surprise yourself!

Permanent lipsticks which change colour.
Moisturising and long-lasting. Intense colours.

Very resistant and even waterproof!
Pink finish which varies according to the moisture level of each person’s lips. A soft and creamy texture which moisturises your lips and maintains an intense colour capable of keeping step with your rhythm. With natural active agents which care for your lips, supplying extra hydration and nutrition.

+ Camaleon Cosmetics videos


Madrid • 3 Bloggers • 12 hours of tests
Do you think a lipstick can last 12 hours in a row?

We have invited Virginia, Tutti and Greta to put our lipstick to the test in a number of different challenges that will make them sing, smile, shout, and go from cold to hot, from sweet to sour, without their lips even noticing. Magic ColourStick was created to act as long-lasting hydration, very resistant and even waterproof, capable of staying active for 12 hours. We have only one question left: which colour will they choose? Will it be red, yellow, green or ash?
Take a look and find out for yourself!

+ videos of the Challenge


Rejuvenate your regard in record time
Reduces bags under the eyes • Instant Effect

Magic Serum is a specific instant action cosmetic product to reduce bags and circles around the eyes. Formulated with mineral active agents and peptides, it provides an instant firming effect which visibly smooths and corrects bags, wrinkles and signs of tiredness.

Its effectiveness has been shown in clinical trials.
Dermatologically tested.

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